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Summary. While it might look that Forms gave you an array, it always returns a string. And the easiest way to split the Forms multiple selection response into separate value is to use the Power Automate json () expression. Unless it’s a simple string with a fixed separator where the split () expression will do the trick. Convert an input into currency format, for example you want to convert 1234.567 to $1234.567 or for that matter any other currency is one of the most common requirement, especially if we are working on a transactional system. And to complete this requirement, more often than not, we perform string manipulations. The array function also exists in Power Automate, but it serves a different purpose. The array function converts only one value into an array. With the createArray function, we're creating an array with multiple values. Although it's not the same thing, the result is roughly the same. With the createArray function, we get the added value of.
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